What’s the point of a personal blog anyway ?

Here is the thing:

I dislike “Follow my entrepreneurial journey”-type blogs.

They tend to be self-indulgent and useless to me.

So why did I just start one?

Well, here is the other thing:

Some of my favorite websites lately have been personal blogs.

Taylor Pearson, Sebastian Marshall and Nevblog are great examples.

The first rule of being human

I think most blogs are boring because they ignore the first Rule of Being Human:

People care about themselves.

They don’t give a fuck about you or your business.

What people DO care about though, and this is the second Rule of Being Human is:

People are desperate to make human connections.

Social media you can own

Look, I don’t expect to get millions of faithful readers with this website.

I don’t even expect to give helpful advice.

Shit, I don’t even know if my stuff is readable! (This is my second language, remember)

My goal is to build this blog as a way to connect with you, my dear reader.

I want to exist within a certain community. I want to share ideas. I want to make new friends.

I guess normal people use Facebook for that. In a way, a personal blog is social media you can own and control.

And god knows how much I like to own and control the stuff on which I spend my time.

Building a narrative

It’s no secret that stories are one of the best ways to build human connection through media.

As I have matured, I have come to realize that the narrative in a blog or a podcast is often more impactful than the actual advice.

That’s why I listen religiously to EVERY episode of the Tropical MBA Podcast (even when they don’t even remotely apply to me).

That’s why following WP Curve is so exciting (even though I don’t care about WordPress support)

That’s why James Altucher is an incredible writer (even though he has only like 3 different pieces of advice, the story makes it fresh every time).

I think “how to” blog posts can only take you so far. After a while, you start looking for mental frameworks, inspiration, and, yes, human connection.

And these are things that can only be whispered, not said out loud.

And now… Follow my entrepreneurial journey!

There are also excellent reasons NOT to start a personal blog :

It detracts creative energy from your core focus.

You are probably not going to see ROI on it.

And because people don’t give a fuck about you, you probably won’t see a lot of readers either.

To decide if I should start this blog, I asked myself :

Would I be okay if I was only ever read by 10 friends?

As long as the answer is “yes”, I’ll keep doing it.

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  • Nathan Liao

    I dig the honesty here man. If anything, your blog will be a journal your kids and future generations will come and read to learn more about Stan the Man! But I think you have a lot to offer bro. Keep it up.

    • I counted 64 notes just for 2015 in my “Journal” notebook in Evernote… so I do have a quite extensive documentation of what I’m up to. I find it easy to write raw thoughts for my own enjoyment, while refining them for publication seems like work : enjoyable, but quite energy consuming.

      I will come back to this blog at some point, when I feel I have more creative energy left over from the biz.

      (By the way, your last posts made me whish I wrote more on this blog !)