Book Notes : Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

good strategy bad strategyI have taken strategy classes in school, and they were mostly bullshit.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy : The Difference and Why it Matters did three great things for me :

  1. I understood why most of what passes for strategy is indeed a steaming pile of shit (or what the author dubs somewhat more nicely “bad strategy”)
  2. I learned how interesting strategy becomes once you strip the B-school jargon
  3. Most importantly, the book made me think about my business and life in new ways. It sent my mind looking for new angles on familiar situations.

If you want to become smarter about your business, I highly recommend this book.

What follows are my highlights from the book. Emphasis in bold is from me. My personal notes appear in italics.

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The Drive to build : From coconut cash to banana millions

I am always surprised by how much I can relate to ambitious people, even when I have no idea what they actually do.

For example, take this interview with Kobe Bryant.

I have never watched a basketball game in my life (basketball is the one with the orange bouncing ball, right ?).

And still, I couldn’t help but relate to him when he said :

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DCBKK is the new New Year : Making deadlines more meaningful

I just finished planning the next year, and all my goals have the same deadline : October 11th 2015.

Why not December 31st ?

The reason is that I realized a long time ago that the change in calendar year is not a meaningful enough event to build your life systems around.

That’s one reason why New Year’s resolution are mostly useless. If you waited for an arbitrary date to start your new habit, you probably don’t really value it.

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